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Women in Harmony

Welcome to Women in Harmony

home of $5 to SUCCESS

March 2020 Winners, Helen Megraw & Carol Trickett

This group is a welcoming oasis. It provides an enlightening, informative space for women to be themselves . Whether you are a forward moving entrepreneur, someone searching for what comes next or a woman who wants to meet and share insights with like-minded people this is the place for you.


Bring your Enthusiasm and Get ready to build valuable relationships.


Women in Harmony meets over lunch 4 times a year.

Linda Verde, Leanne Ziler and Georgia March provide surprises, door prizes

and fun ways to stimulate and empower yourself as a woman.

There is no fee to join and you will have the opportunity to

engage with an incredible group of women.

Contact Leanne at [email protected] to be put on our

email list for an invitation.



You can increase a woman’s business, build community, make a lasting connection and share in the wealth for only $5

Here’s How It Works

Pay $5 to Women in Harmony and offer a $100 service you can provide

Every time Women in Harmony has 20 contributions of $5 equalling $100 a name is drawn from the participants.

The WINNER of the draw chooses a service she would like to receive from the list of $5 payees.

Women in Harmony; pays the chosen Service Provider WINNER the $100 and an appointment for the service is scheduled.

And here’s the best part you have a 1 in 10 chance of winning every time you participate; once if your name is drawn as a winner and once if your service is chosen.

$5 Payees win by supporting other women. Every time a name is drawn 19 women are supporting her.

Service Providers win by supporting other women, having their services posted in the newsletter and announced when a winner chooses their service and also by earning $100 and creating a relationship.

Women in Harmony; wins by supporting you to support eachother harmoniously in business or life.

Enter as often as you like, this is an ongoing program. Drop off your $5 ‘Women Supporting Women’ contribution to Leanne Dargie with a note of one service you will provide each time you enter.

Service Options

Example: a massage, a treatment, a hypnosis session, a consultation etc. If you don’t have a $100 service you can offer to take someone to lunch at an upscale restaurant for a shared meal and connection.

Photos at the Be The Change Expo

left above: Laurie Nevin

right top: Frances Hickmott, Jennifer Sansford, Lynn Grushka

right lower, Carol Trickett, Joanne Johnson

bottom, Marni MacDonald

A note from Georgia ...

It is our intention to create the best networking venue for women in a positive, fun and motivating environment. Our events are diverse and varied with occasional surprises you won’t want to miss.

Check out the WiH newsletter. It's full of information about what women are doing and a treasure chest for our events. You don't have to attend meetings simply ask to be on the WiH list and come out to our events.

We are listening so please share your ideas, thoughts and testimonials.

Remember to be amazing because you are…